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Meet Mr Goxx, The Crypto Trading Hamster!

The latest social media sensation that is taking the world of cryptocurrency by storm is Mr Goxx. However, Mr Goxx is a hamster from Germany who streams his trades on live-streaming service Twitch.

BBC News reports that the social media celebrity hamster is named after Mt Gox, a notorious Bitcoin exchange that closed in 2014 after $460 million in holdings went missing.

Mr Goxx has been making a big splash in the world of cryptocurrency trading, with the assistance of his ‘human business partner’ who has facilitated much of the hamsters rise to fame and fortune, and likely operates the rodent’s social media accounts such as Twitch, where Mr Goxx profile states that he is the ‘World’s first crypto asset trading hamster!”.

You’re maybe curious how a hamster makes trades. According to a video on YouTube, Mr Goxx has an office, referred to as the Goxx Box, complete with a hamster wheel, knowns as the Intention Wheel, and two separate tunnels labelled ‘buy’ and ‘sell’.

When the rodent runs on the wheel, it automates a transition. A Rolodex of 30 different cryptocurrencies is tied to the motion of the wheel, and once Mr Goxx leaves the wheel, he then runs through one of the tunnels, indicating a ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ position on the token selected by the Intention Wheel.

While the approach may seem a little haphazard, it has been delivering some big wins for the hamster, with some reports saying that he has been outperforming American business magnate and investor Warren Buffet, as well as the NASDAQ 100, and the S&P 500, and his portfolio is now up by 20 per cent on his initial investment in June.

That might only mean that his holdings have increased from €326 to around €430, but it is still a good increase.

The Mr Goxx Reddit page gently reminds people that it is all just for fun, and obviously, you should not look to a tiny rodent for financial advice!

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